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The Greater Sitka Arts Council and the Backdoor Café announce the Alaska unveiling of Adventure Cyclist magazine, Bicycle Eclectic Photography display, featuring photos from their Open Road Gallery page.

The show will run March 2-31 at the Backdoor Café, 104 Barracks St. Look closely and you will find a former Sitka couple among the pictures. It is part of the Seventh Annual Sitka Arti-Gras Music and Arts Festival.

According to the Adventure Cycling Association website, the origins of the Open Road Gallery page came about because:

Every summer we enjoy the parade of bicycle travelers who drop by our office here in Missoula, Montana. These cyclists come from all over the world. Their variety of style, equipment, route, and purpose is endless.

In 1982, Greg Siple began recording our visitors on film and asking them to tell their stories, creating Adventure Cycling’s National Bicycle Touring Portrait Collection. The Open Road Gallery features selections from this collection in Adventure Cyclist magazine and here on our website.

For more information, go to www.thinkartthinksitka.com/

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WinterBiketoWorkDay2014LogoWidth600pxThe organizers of the International Bike To Work Day have released survey stats from this year’s event on Feb. 14, and Sitka ranked high in several categories even though we were the smallest community to have at least 20 riders register for the event.

On the survey question asking if your community makes it easy to bike all year round, Sitka tied with Oulu, Sweden, and Trondheim, Norway, with the highest percentage saying yes (about 80 percent). Sitka also ranked second, behind Oulu, on the question about how many people (per capita) were reached by the event. Oulu had the most people riding.

To see our previous articles, here is the one listing all of Sitka’s prize-winners and here is the one introducing the event. Sitka and Anchorage were the only two Alaska communities ranked in the survey stats. Let’s see if we can have an even bigger event next year.

• 2014 International Winter Bike To Work Day full survey results (opens as Excel file)

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