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(NOTE: This letter to the editor from Carrie Johnson, manager of the Hames Athletic and Wellness Center, was printed in the Wednesday, Nov. 23, 2011, edition of the Daily Sitka Sentinel.)

Dear Editor,

Rain, snow, sleet, hail, rain, snow. That was the story told by Sitka weather this past weekend and this upcoming week. Moving from Arizona with no car and my bike as my sole transportation option, I needed to figure out how to get myself through the winter. I purchased studs for my tires, but still was uncomfortable riding in the snow and ice.

Luckily, Doug Osborne and Adam Andis held a class on “All-Weather Cycling” at the Hames Center. Adam individually taught us how to take care of our bikes during the winter months. He nurtured bikes that needed that extra love.

I learned all about how I need to be more safety sensitive when it comes to riding. My helmet is all blinged up now with reflectors from Doug. Doug discussed the major importance of being seen by drivers, which means I need to amp up my gear.

The participants that were involved in the class had so much knowledge about riding in Sitka that it makes me much more comfortable riding in the winter months. When in doubt, “every bicycle comes with a pedestrian!” Thanks, Doug and Adam, for making this community bike friendly and keeping us safe on the roads.

— Carrie Johnson

Hames Center Manager

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Bicycling in Sitka frequently means riding in lousy weather. But people still ride, even during the icy winters. To learn some tricks to safely riding in winter, join the Sitka Bicycle Friendly Community Coalition for an all-weather cycling workshop from 2-3 p.m. on Saturday, Nov. 12, at the Hames Athletic and Wellness Center classroom, 121 John Brady St.

This workshop will be led by Doug Osborne, a SEARHC Health Educator and League Certified Instructor (LCI) who rides all year long. Doug will provide tips about studded tires for traction, lights and other reflective items so you can be seen by traffic, proper riding gear so you stay warm when you ride, and more. We also will have a bike stand set up so Adam Andis can provide bike safety checks for anybody who brings a bike to the workshop. This is the first of several upcoming cycling workshops hosted by the Sitka Bicycle Friendly Community Coalition.

This event costs $5 for Hames members, while non-members pay $5 plus the all-day drop-in fee ($4 for children, $6 for seniors and $8 for adults). The fees help support the non-profit Hames Athletic and Wellness Center. Non-members who pay the drop-in fee will be able to use the other Hames facilities on Saturday, so bring your racquetball racket or a basketball for added fun. For more information and to reserve a spot (space is limited), contact Hames at 747-5080.

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