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Thursday night, Aug. 22, more than a dozen Sitka cyclists gathered for a three-hour Introduction to Basic Bicycle Maintenance class held in the hangar at the University of Alaska Southeast Sitka Campus.

The class was taught by Scott Menzies and Charlie Lowell of the nonprofit Susitna Bicycle Institute in Anchorage, and it cost students $30. Scott and Charlie were in town doing an intensive training for young bike mechanics at the soon-to-open Sitka bicycle co-op.

In the class students learned about the A-B-C’s of bicycle maintenance (Air, Brakes, Crank/Chain), as well has how to use some of the basic tools that will be available when the new Sitka Bike co-op opens. They also learned how routine bicycle maintenance not only prolongs the life of your bike, but also makes for a safer ride. The class was hands-on, and students brought their own bikes to work on during the class.

A photo slideshow of the class is posted below.

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