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During its regular meeting on Tuesday, Feb. 11, the Sitka Assembly passed by a 7-0 vote (link goes to video from meeting) a memorandum of understanding (MOU) with the Sitka Cycling Club to build singletrack trails off the Sitka Cross Trail near Sitka High School.

The project will start small, with one or two trails being built according to the map above. The planned trails already are used as game trails, and the plan is to clean them up so a cyclist can ride a mountain bike on them. Singletrack trails are narrow trails through the woods that promote more technical cycling skills than the larger multi-use Cross Trail. The singletrack trails are designed for cyclists only, no hikers, and the trails will put cyclists deeper into the woods and away from other trail traffic.

If the first trails are considered a success, the Sitka Cycling Club plans to build more singletrack trails on city, USDA Forest Service, and other land around town. In addition to promoting health, singletrack trails also have been shown to strengthen local, state and national economies. Towns with extensive trail systems that include singletrack trails have seen a growth in bicycle tourism, where people travel specifically to a location to ride bikes they either bring with them or rent on location.

The trails will be built to the guidelines established by the International Mountain Bike Association (IMBA) for the construction of new singletrack trails.

• Sitka Assembly motion to pass the MOU with Sitka Cycling Club

• Interim City Manager Hugh Bevan’s memo to the Sitka Assembly about the MOU

• The MOU between the Sitka Cycling Club and City and Borough of Sitka

• The Use and Maintenance Agreement (Permit) between the Sitka Cycling Club and City and Borough of Sitka

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