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The Sitka Bicycle Friendly Community Coalition is changing its name to the Sitka Cycling Club and inviting new members to join the club.

One reason for the name change is to make the name simpler and easier to say. But we also want to get more Sitka cyclists to help us make Sitka a better and safer place to ride bikes.

Joining the Sitka Cycling Club is as simple as clicking this link and filling out this short form. Easy peasy, less than a minute and you’re done. By signing up, you will receive a monthly newsletter. It also allows us to say we have so many members when we lobby for better cycling infrastructure.

Some of our goals include:

  • New places to ride, single track
  • Better bike racks and parking options
  • Grants to pay for the better bike racks
  • A safe-passing policy
  • Incentives for commuters
  • Regular club bike rides
  • And lots more

Once you sign up, you’ll get a monthly newsletter and be the first to know about club rides and new programs, such as the Bicycle Benefits program that kicks off in March.

For more information about the Sitka Cycling Club, contact Doug Osborne at 747-0373, Holly Marban at 966-8938 or Charles Bingham at 623-7660.

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