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On Friday, June 1, about 40 young children hopped on their bikes and trikes to raise money for the non-profit Sheldon Jackson Child Care Center (111 Brady St., near the Hames Athletic and Wellness Center).

The annual bike-a-thon is the center’s only fundraiser, and it provides parents and the community with an opportunity to support the program. In addition, the fundraising helps the center apply for grants (some grants require matching funds), such as the recent USDA grant the center received to improve its playground.

During the last week of May (which is National Bike Month), the center offers a curriculum to teach its children about bicycles, tricycles and safety. On the Friday of the last week of May (this year on June 1), the children change into tye-die shirts to get ready for the bike-a-thon.

The kids ride a maximum of 10 laps around the paved loop that circles the center’s playground, while schoolmates cheer and parents count the laps. Pledges have been made prior to the fundraiser, with some people pledging per lap and others pledging a set amount. These photos are from the fundraiser and they are courtesy of Tori Fleming.

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